Design + Utility

The PetLawn gives pet owners peace of mind both at home and while away through its unique and innovative approach to pet waste management. PetLawn breaks down barriers for people who once considered animal companionship infeasible.

Through extensive research and development efforts we have been able to produce the most elegant and feature packed pet waste management system ever created. Features such as our patented waste bag dispenser, American made antimicrobial grass, heavy duty microbe resistant drainage grate, premium absorbent pads, and a sleek unibody design distinguish the PetLawn as the first choice when it comes to pet waste management.

dog toilet

The Bag Dispenser:It Just Makes Sense

Because making your life easier and hassle free is our goal, it only made sense to incorporate a waste bag dispenser to take care of your furry friend’s “number 2s”. The patented PetLawn Waste Bag dispenser allows you to conveniently pick up after your furry member of the family in a sanitary fashion. With PetLawn Waste Bags, simply reload the dispenser once a month and enjoy the fresh jasmine scented bags – not the contents inside.

Even the grass is a revolution

Nobody likes synthetic grass that smells. To solve this problem, we went to great lengths to develop grass which could live up to our own uncompromising expectations. PetLawn grass is proudly manufactured in the USA using finest antimicrobial polyethylene filament. This means no absorption whatsoever, a look and feel identical to real grass, and most importantly it prevents the growth of bacteria! With both silver (yes actual silver) and chitosan additives, our grass actively fights against odor causing bacteria so you don’t have too.

Not only is the PetLawn good for you and your pet, it’s good for the environment too! The rubberized backing is soy-based and will not absorb odors. This gives PetLawn grass a unique advantage over Chinese-made so-called “flow through” grass which consists of a woven fiber base that becomes permeated with odor over time. PetLawn grass offers the advantages of a flow through backing with multiple drainage holes per square inch, yet it will never absorb odors.

The Grate – Designed and Refined

While shopping for a toilet system for our own dogs, it quickly became apparent that nothing on the market provided a sensible solution to the drainage issue. While designing our own solution, we considered everything…and then considered it again. We had to elevate the grass off the base of the tray because you can probably imagine what it would smell like if it just sat (or should we say floated?) there. Not a pretty picture! There was no doubt about it; a grate was essential. It had to be elevated, it had to be strong, and it had to make minimal contact with grass in order to minimize any areas where bacteria could build up. This lead us to the grate we have today. Elevated a full inch off the tray, strong enough to support a whale, and free from areas that could trap liquid, the patented PetLawn grate provides the ultimate drainage solution.

indoor dog toilet

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