Get Your Dog a Pet Turf for Nature’s Call

01 Nov

Dogs love grass and won’t miss an opportunity to mark a spot on it for them. They prefer leaving their waste on grass than anywhere else. However, with the fast pace of life, you may find it difficult to walk your dog for nature’s call or may not prefer asking someone else to walk your dog. In that case, where will your pet release its waste? Obviously, they will leave it in the confinement of your home. It is extremely essential to make your dog feel close to nature. Therefore, purchase a Pet Turf from PetLawn for your dog’s toileting needs. This will help in avoiding hygiene and cleanliness problems. Moreover, the health of you and your family also will not be affected with the pet odor causing bacteria. Buy the Dog Litter Pan for efficient pet waste management.

The Pet Turf is identical to real grass. It is a synthetic, rubberized and soy-based grass. You do not have to worry about cleaning it now and then. The grass has several holes per square inch for effective drainage into the pan. You can simply replace it in 1-3 days. Moreover, you will certainly dislike pet odor from the synthetic grass. Therefore, the grass has silver and chitosan additives to fight odor. PetLawn’s Dog Litter Pan includes this grass for the convenience of pets and pet owners. You can place the litter pan in a corner of your home where your dog can reach in an emergency.

This Dog Litter Pan is entirely made of recycled plastic, as PetLawn strives to provide environmentally friendly products. Thus, PetLawn helps the environment, while being of service to the pet and pet owner. The Pet Turf provides a feel and look of nature. It also has pet attractant to make your pet run to the Dog Litter Pan for its toileting needs. Moreover, with repeated use of the litter pan, your pet will develop the habit of using only the litter pan and not go anywhere else to release its waste.

Your dog will be delighted to have a Pet Turf for itself and will bark with glee when it knows the purpose of you bringing home this unique product. Moreover, with the training it will receive while using this grass, it will treat it as its own private toilet. You find not find litter or potty in the home, when you get this potty training tray for your pet.

You may have noticed that dogs sniff for the right spot to release their waste. Therefore, when you purchase the Dog Litter Pan, your pet will not have to sniff much as the pan has the attractant scent that induces the to use it. Moreover, the odor does not spread in the home environment. When the waste is deposited in the waste bag dispenser, the odor neutralizes due to the jasmine scent that the bag contains. The Pet Turf is just another way to maintain hygiene while training your dog for indoor potty. It is an effortless, but convenient investment.

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