Potty Training with Dog Litter Tray

31 Oct

You were certain that your family was prepared for a dog and have obtained the world’s cutest little dog. That’s until he has littered on your lovely carpet. This has made you realize that possessing a dog is a huge responsibility and you have to be willing to clean up the mess left behind by your mutt. All you wish for is to potty train your furry little friend. The upsetting part is the communication obstacle and lack of realization when and where it is suitable to excrete. However, have no more worries with PetLawn as your assistant. It has launched a creative and environment friendly Dog Litter Tray, which caters to Dog Bathroom Training needs. So, no more wondering whether your dog is going to poop on your couch or the bed. It comes in 2 sizes that are the PetLawn Original for big dogs and PetLawn Petite for little mutts, puppies, cats, kittens and other small pets.

Petlawn’s Dog Litter Tray is the first of its kind. It has launched this product to make life simple and tension free for pet owners. The features of this efficient Dog Bathroom Training product are first and foremost a waste bag dispenser, first class absorbent pads that can take in up to 500 times its weight, antimicrobial grass made to give the appearance of real grass to attract the furry pets to use it, strong germ resistant drainage grate, and a sleek body which absorbs all of the pet waste substance it comes in contact with in the tray.

The patented waste bag dispenser was designed to take care of your pets’ feces. The dispenser permits you to pick up appropriately after he has left his potty. With the waste bags, merely filled up the dispenser once in a month, you can make-do with the new jasmine scented bags and not the matter inside it. The PetLawn grass is manufactured in USA, using premium antimicrobial polyethylene filament, along with a look and touch of real grass and most vitally it prevents the growth of micro-organisms, germs, and bacteria with actual silver and chitosan additives. In the process of Dog Bathroom Training, the grass of this Dog Litter Tray also aggressively battles odor causing bacteria.

A critical thing to consider while building the Dog Litter Tray was providing a viable solution to the drainage issue. PetLawn lifted the grass from the base of the tray so as to prevent any smell from arising from the grass. This was made possible with the help of a grate. The grate needed to be raised an inch off the tray, had to be robust, make negligible contact with the grass so as to lessen areas where bacteria could grow and open from areas that could entrap liquid. The Grate has provided a definitive solution to the drainage problem while Dog Bathroom Training. You can purchase this resourceful Dog Litter Tray from PetLawn for well-organized Dog Bathroom Training. It will solve your pet waste management problems while training your cute little dog with toileting needs.

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