Dog Potty Training in Synthetic Pet Grass

31 Oct

Are you looking for the best pet waste management system for your dog? When you choose to bring home a dog, your first responsibility is to potty train your dog so that it does not mess inside your house. For potty training, Petlawn comes up with a different pet waste management system for your dog. Through wide research and development, we have produced the most fashionable and top-class waste management system ever created.

No matter how much we love our furry friends, their toilet habits  gets everyone infuriated. You may not like to clean up the mess after your furry friend has relieved itself. In such a scenario, all the love and care for your furry friend vaporizes and we are left with the headache of cleaning up the mess. To tackle these issues and to lessen the burden of cleaning up the mess, Petlawn offers numerous products that can help you with your dog’s toileting requirements. When it comes to hygienic dog toilet, our products include patented waste bag dispenser, drainage grate, antimicrobial grass pad, and premium absorbent pads.

Petlawn introduces synthetic pet grass pads for your dog toilet. The novel idea of grass on dog potties has transformed the concept of dog toilet. You may not like the synthetic grass with an unpleasant odor. To help you, we came with artificial, synthetic pet grass pads, which is manufactured in US and is made of antimicrobial compounds that prevent bad odor. With the use of silver and chitosan additives, our grass pads actively fights against bacterial odor. The grass pads have a special K9 attractant scent that can arouse an urge in your dog to go on the potty. Petlawn grass pads give your pet the feeling of being on natural grass in the backyard.  The grass pads are not only good for you and your pet, but also for the environment.

The rubberized backing of the synthetic pet grass is soy-based and does not absorb odors. This gives PetLawn grass a sole advantage over Chinese made so called “flow through” grass, which has a woven fiber base that becomes permeated with odor over time. PetLawn synthetic pet grass offers the advantages of a flow through backing with several drainage holes per square inch, yet it will never absorb odors.

Other than the grass, PetLawn has also introduced the waste bag dispenser that helps you to pick up your dog’s litter in a hygienic manner. To eliminate the problem of pouring the waste every time out of the tray, we have introduced absorbent pads that can absorb 500 times their own weight and dry quickly. With the use of our absorbent pads, your dog may not like to litter elsewhere in the surrounding.

Petlawn products are 100% recyclable and are in a huge demand all over the market. To make your dog potty training session easier and comfortable, try Petlawn’s innovative dog toilet products that reduce your burden for potty training. Petlawn is truly sensational and is well respected by every pet owner.

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