Dog potties

31 Oct

Is your dog’s potty spreading bad odor in your home? Wondering how to manage Dog potties? PetLawn can clear your dilemma. We care for the safety and cleanliness of your home. Therefore, we provide an efficient waste management system. You can get rid of Dog potties without giving your dog a tough time with vigorous potty training. Our products will automatically train your dog to litter in the right place expected.

You may consider potty training for your dog as a huge task. However, with the help of our products your dog’s potty training task will be made easy. Your dog may want to litter wherever it likes, but when you place the litter tray it will not mess your beautiful and clean home. Placing the litter box near the dog’s food will avoid them from using it. Hygienic environments keep bacteria and bad odor at bay. If you want a hygienic home, give your dog a litter tray, which will catch its sight, whenever it needs to litter.

Dog potties can release bacteria through bad odor. If you just have a grass pad to attract your dog to litter on it, it will be difficult to clean it. Therefore, PetLawn has designed the litter tray in a way that allows the litter to seep through the grate which has a base that is one inch below the grass pad.  The absorbent grass pads have super absorbent polymers absorb up to 500 times their own weight and dry quickly. K9 attractant scent is used to attract your dog. With the use of this product for waste, your dog may not like releasing its litter elsewhere. However, to avoid spills, you need to replace the absorbent pad in 1-3 days.

Instead of training your dog outdoors, you can have an effective training product placed indoors. The litter tray can help your dog get accustomed to the grass on it, and avoid leaving litter under the bed, in the garden, or front of the main door. You can now get rid of Dog potties with waste bags specially designed to collect dog litter. These waste bags have odor neutralizing scent and are completely degradable.

Dog owners can get the best of our easy-to-use dog waste products. PetLawn is the solution for your dog potty training task. Allow your dog to litter freely on the absorbent grass pad that we provide. Enjoy potty training your dog with our effective waste management system!

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