Dog Toilets with Synthetic Pet Grass For Effective Pet Potty Training

30 Oct

Is your dog causing hygiene problems due to pet waste? Are you aware of a friendlier way to potty train your dog? Pet waste can create a problem of odor and stains. Imagine this. You recently purchased a new couch, and brag about how useful and efficient it is in your home. Your friends love its softness and sleek look. They praise its color and texture. Just then, your beloved pet jumps on the couch with a thud. Nothing happens to the couch. However, you notice in a while that the reason your pet jumped onto the couch was not to enjoy its comfort, but to, calmly, release its waste. Now that would disgust your guests and pose as a cleaning problem for you.

Therefore, it is best that dogs get potty training through their own Dog Toilets. The best dog toilet is available at PetLawn. PetLawn’s Dog Toilets have Synthetic Pet Grass that is antimicrobial and efficient for pet waste. While most other Synthetic Pet Grass may smell, you are less likely to have odor problems from PetLawn grass on the dog potty tray. It does not absorb and seems like real grass. Moreover, it prevents odor causing bacteria with the help of silver and chitosan additives. Therefore, you do not need to worry about you home stinking with pet waste odor.

Unlike other Dog Toilets, PetLawn’s litter tray is an indoor outhouse for your pet. It has the feel and look of real green grass and does not drive your pet away due to any kind of odor. Moreover, it has a Pet attractant to draw your pet towards using it when nature calls. It is capable of solving your hygiene problems while your dog gets potty training indoors. The Synthetic Pet Grasswill make your pet feel close to nature while excreting its waste.

Dog Toilets are a friendlier way of training your pet, especially when PetLawn is offering this solution. Your dog will be attracted to the Synthetic Pet Grass as it may seem like a portion of a park or garden brought into your home for your dog. It has a waste bag dispenser that will efficiently collect the waste for you to discard whenever full. You must remember to replace the grass and the waste bag in 1-3 days. It requires effortless cleaning and is user-friendly for puppies, bigger dogs and other pets.

Moreover, the pet potty tray has a grate to separate the base of the tray from the grass. This will prevent the grass from float in pet waste that would result in a pointless purchase. For the efficiency of pet owners, PetLawn has designed this product with absorbent pads to absorb up to 500 times its weight. Therefore, you need not discard the waste every now and then. You can do it once for all when the tray is full. Nevertheless, if odor is what you are worried about, worry less as PetLawn has a solution to that, too. PetLawn’s Dog Toilets have Synthetic Pet Grass that is dry to touch even after use as it has multiple holes to let the waste seep. You and your pet will certainly benefit from this purchase.

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