Can Synthetic Pet Grass Solve The Problem Of Odor-Filled Dog Litter Boxes?

29 Oct

Potty odor of pet can create an embarrassing impression for your guests who visit your home. They may be disgusted when they get the smell of unclean Synthetic Pet Grass. Wondering why it produces odor? It is because the grass is not washed clean or no odor removal product is used, while making the grass or using it. Therefore, the Dog Litter Boxes with synthetic grass are not the end of the responsibilities of pet owners. You need to make sure the grass is cleaned with a hose and scented with an odor-free product.

What if you cannot spend time or do not have the time to attend to unclean Synthetic Pet Grass? It may cause bacteria that produce odor and diseases that may affect your pet, as well as your family. To avoid such consequences, you can select from the Dog Litter Boxes available at PetLawn for purchase. These litter boxes have grass made of antimicrobial polyethylene filament, which is manufactured in the USA, and that does not allow absorption or growth of bacteria. The PetLawn grass has actual silver and chitosan additives to fight odor. However, to maintain the freshness, you need to replace the grass every one to three days or whenever you think the potty box is filled until the grate that touches the grass.

The Dog Litter Boxes are made like a tray that does not allow the pet waste to spill or produce odor. Moreover, rubber tends to smell, when it soaks liquid that stays. However, PetLawn provides rubberized backing that is soy-based. Therefore, it does not absorb odors. Furthermore, when you use Synthetic Pet Grass for Dog Litter Boxes, it does not solve the problem of odor. Instead, it only increases your workload of cleaning the grass time and again with all your strength to wash off the impurities and still not find success in eliminating the odor.

Do you want to live all your life perpetually cleaning out dog potty? Its time you get an indoor outhouse for your pet. Dog Litter Boxes from PetLawn can be a good option to give you some rest. You can focus on petting your dog rather than its waste management, as PetLawn has made pet waste management easier than ever with an eco-friendly process. Unlike the Synthetic Pet Grass, all the products that PetLawn provides are environment friendly and easy to use.

PetLawn grass in particular is advanced as compared to Synthetic Pet Grass or so-called “flow through” china-made artificial grass. The artificial China-made grass flows through but into the woven fiber base that fills with odor over time. However, you will not find that with PetLawn grass. This specific product has multiple drainage holes per square inch that allows a flow without ever absorbing odors. So, would you still opt for synthetic grass or purchase PetLawn grass today for your pet to have a convenient toileting experience. Pet owners have a huge benefit waiting for them as an odor-free product. Place your order today!


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