Allow Your Dog Indoor Potty with a Convenient Grass Pan

29 Oct

Letting your Dog Indoor Potty can be really messy and difficult to clean repeatedly. Therefore, people prefer taking their pets for walks outdoor, probably a park, for convenience. However, they do not realize, in the escape of cleaning pet waste, they are polluting the environment. PetLawn encourages a pet owner to allow his/her Dog Indoor Potty. It is a convenient method to train your pet without tiring yourself. Moreover, it will be a stimulating experience, as it is a mini outdoor environment for your pet in the comfort of your home.

What are we talking about? Well, PetLawn introduces the Second Nature Dog Litter Pan for indoor pet potty training. You do not have to clear the potty every time your pet messes on the pan. The USA manufactured pan has a super absorbent polymers pad that can absorb up to 500 times its weight. That may bring you to the thought of how many times you need to clean this pan. As a convenient waste management system, PetLawn designs this dog litter pan with grass that absorbs for replacement in only 1 to 3 days. You can purchase the absorbent pads as replacements, when you have the Second Nature Dog Litter Pan to attract and train your dog.

You can let your Dog Indoor Potty, as it’s not going to affect your life much with the use of PetLawn’s dog litter pan. It is a Second Nature Dog Litter Pan, as it gives the feel of a natural environment for your pet with its green grass pad. The grass is made of antimicrobial polyethylene filament. It has a rubber backing that is soy-based. Moreover, it can fight odor, as it has real silver and chitosan additives. Pet waste odor is one reason why people hesitate in or dislike keeping pets. Unlike synthetic grass, which even after washing off, does not release the odor, PetLawn grass is odor-free and dry to touch.

Furthermore, the grate of this Second Nature Dog Litter Pan separates the grass from the base of the pan with enough of space for drainage. Therefore, the grass remains dry even after the waste is drained into the space between the grate and the base of the pan. The pan has no chance of spilling or smelling. The attractant scent on the grass works in two ways. It attracts your dog to use PetLawn and gets rid of the odor from their waste. This can be an added advantage for encouraging Dog Indoor Potty.

Isn’t this a convenient waste management system for you and your pet? It can benefit you all your life, while you enjoy the company of your pet. Letting your Dog Indoor Potty is a problem solution method that will train your pet to get accustomed to using the PetLawn Second Nature Dog Litter Pan and not leave their waste anywhere else in your home. In this way, your guests will also be impressed by this friendly manner in which you train your dog.

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