Toilet for Dogs!

25 Jul

A dog is indeed the most dependable friend one can have. When you decide to bring home a pet, the first duty is to potty train your dog so that your furry friend does not make a mess at your home. There are many different types of dog litter boxes suited for lifestyles of big cities where your dog may not find the open space to answer nature’s calls.

A successful dog potty training begins with the choosing of the dog potty. When you select a dog litter box, you should make sure that it can accommodate your dog comfortably, and there is plenty of space for your dog to enter and go. There are boxes which come with tops. These don’t interest most dogs as they require fresh air. There are boxes that come with grates and absorbent pads. To use this litter box, you need to remove the grates, place the absorbent pads inside the box and replace the grates back over the box. The dog should be trained to stand or sit over the grates and go. But these may not be very appealing to the dog as it is sometimes abrasive and uncomfortable to go potty at.

Another version of dog toilet is the one that uses grass products. Petlawn is a quality brand in the market that provides a litter box topped with artificial grass made in America which is antibacterial and comes with a rubberized backing. The grass contains silver and chitosan compounds that help fight odor and bacteria. Petlawn comes with unique absorbent pads which guarantees against spills or odors. It also comes with a special, attractive fragrance which will be of great help while potty training your dog.

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