Potty Training your Puppy

25 Jul

The first thing you must ensure before buying a puppy from a pet shop is that the puppy is at least over 8 or 10 weeks old.  After bringing your furry friend home, you should begin its housebreaking process as soon as possible. The first and the most important lesson to teach your pet is the potty training. Begin with crate training because, a crate trained puppy is used to to be confined in its own crate and does not dirty it as it is the place which it regards as its den. Throughout the training confine the crate within your own room so that you will have better control and supervision on your puppy’s activities.

In its early days, your puppy needs to relieve itself frequently. Watch for signs like sniffing or moving in circles, for these are the actions that suggest that the puppy wants to defecate. Each time you see your puppy do such actions, take it out immediately and return it to its crate only after it has finished its duties. The first few months of crate training are very crucial for setting the standards for your pup to follow. Since dogs are naturally a den animal, crate training will actually benefit your puppy to acknowledge your room as its secure den to live in.
pet potty

Petlawn is a fantastic invention which can aid in potty training your puppy, especially in situations where you do not have the luxury of a backyard and are confined within the limits of your city apartment. Always have the Petlawn litter box close by in your room where you crate train your puppy. Your puppy is most likely to defecate soon after feeding, after sleep or after play. Keep track of your puppy’s activities and chart a schedule for your pet. Whenever you see the puppy showing the signs of nature calling, scoop it up and take it to the Petlawn. Encourage it to go in the litter box with by saying, “Go poop” or “Go!”. When your puppy does it right, appreciate it by giving it treats so that the puppy may connect the reward with the action of defecation. Potty training your dog requires a lot of patience and perseverance from your side. Do not punish your puppy or poke its nose into the dirt because, a dog never intends to offend anybody.

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