Basics of Dog Potty Training

25 Jul

Dog potty training is proven to be an extremely challenging task to most pet lovers. But the good news is that, dogs are smart animals and they learn new tricks easily with consistent training. The first step in the housebreaking process for your pet is the dog potty training. You may start with monitoring your dog’s daily routine. If you own a puppy, you will see that it needs to relieve itself more frequently than older dogs. Learn not to lose temper when your dog defecates inside your house. Use distractions and take it outside, the moment they show signs like sniffing the ground and moving in circles.

You should restrict your dog’s access to the house so that in the smaller environment, your pet is less vulnerable to accidents. For puppies, use crates and baby gate to restrict access to the other rooms in your home. Confinement is the first move in a dog’s potty training process. When confined in a crate, most dogs acknowledge the restricted environment as its place to live in and are most likely not to defecate in the crate.

The next step is to train your dog where to answer nature’s calls. Always keep your furry friend on a leash when you train it. A leash will make sure that the dog remains close to you so that you may supervise its moves. Try Petlawn dog potties, which come with artificial grass and mimic the natural backyard. Petlawn makes it easier to potty train your dog. The grass has a special fragrance that can inspire an urge in your dog to go on the potty. Teach your dog particular words or phrases that they may connect with the act of defecation, such as “Go potty!”, “Go poop!” and the like.

dog potty
Petlawn is a truly convenient solution for your pet’s potty problems, especially when you are unable to take your dog outside for a walk, or there is not enough space in the city you live in. Whenever your dog does it right and goes on the Petlawn, praise it and give it a treat as a reward for doing it right. Never reprimand your pet if it makes a mistake but just instill in it the habit to go to the right place by consistent training.

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